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NH Antique Alley

Started in the 1970s, New Hampshire's Antique Alley is a collection of antique stores and restaurants on U.S. Highway 4 or what the locals call Route 4. You can purchase beautiful decor to fill your home, or you can find a wonderful place to eat to fill your belly. This "alley" is a great place to go if you want to explore New Hampshire's history and at least 20 shops.

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What you can buy

If you're looking for vintage items for a cheap price, then this "alley" is for you. Check out some of the items you can buy:
  • Furniture, like chairs, couches, etc.
  • Antique garden accessories
  • Quilts
  • Rugs
  • Glassware
  • Vintage clothing and jewelry
  • Decorative paintings
  • Sports decorations and clothing

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The available shops

A few of the shops and restaurants you can visit on Antique Alley are:
  • Parcel Room
  • Six Strings
  • Wingo's Wecords
  • Umami Farm Fresh Cafe
  • Northwood Diner
  • The Copperhouse


Few shops along Antique Alley specialize in one genre; that’s what transforms a visit there into an exhilarating treasure hunt. In a single shop you may find hundreds of farm tools in one room, elegant handmade New England furniture in another, and first-edition books and old cast-iron skillets in a third.
Michael Carlton from the New York Times
Absolutely adorable quality items!
Vickie M. from Yelp
In recent years, Route 4’s popularity has ebbed a bit, but dealers along the stretch say there are still bargains to be found, if you know where to look.
TODD BOOKMAN from nhpr
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