inn-in-winterColby Hill Inn provides a festive environment for private Holiday Parties up to 60 guests.

We charge a $150 fee for private use of the full Grazing Room between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  For private parties during dinner service, we charge $250 for private use of just the Henniker Dining Room for up to 26 guests or $500 to close the restaurant.  There is no extra charge to have a table of up to 12 guests with other diners in the same dining room.

Below are a few standard menus we are offering this season with pricing. Changes or additions may be made upon request.

Holiday Luncheon Party Menu 1

Holiday Luncheon Party Menu 2

Cocktail Holiday Party Menu

3-Course Holiday Dinner Party Menu

Holiday-Party-Evening Deluxe Menu

Wine Dinner Holiday Party – (Super Deluxe) Menu

CHI Christmas Tree