C H E F ‘ S    M E N U 

February 22- 26, 2017

seatings from 5:30 and 8:30 pm

Join us for our next Wine Dinner Party on Thursday, March 16



Lobster Bisque – sweet pepper fritter  –   $12

Organic Roast Pumpkin Soup – pumpkin seed, pomegranate   –   $10

Organic Market Greens Salad   – $8

Winter Salad – winter greens, marinated beets, grilled Bosc pear, walnuts, smoked blue cheese, pomegranate  – $12

Organic Arugula Salad – marinated bocconcini, tomato, white anchovy – $12


Plentiful Plate of Local Cheeses – cured meats, house-made pickles, grilled breads, artisanal crackers, accouterments such as local honey comb, fig paste, home-grown grapes    –   $18

Mussel Pot – local kielbasa leeks, fennel, amber ale  –  $16

Tuscan Antipasti – local prosciutto, toasted pistachio, honey comb; rabbit crostini; marinated eggplant; mushroom bruschetta     –    $18

Roast Garlic Potato & Farmer Cheese Pierogies – bacon sour cream   – $16


Buttermilk Fried Chicken  – pumpkin waffle, maple-cider reduction  – $26

Pairing recommendation: Sauvignon Blanc, Mapuche, Chile ($8 a glass)

Grilled Yankee Farm Buffalo Sirloin – fingerlings, spaghetti squash, thyme –  $39

Pairing recommendation: Shiraz, The Boxer, Mollydooker, AU ($15 per glass)

 Winter Risotto – kale, walnuts, wild mushrooms, roast heirloom squash   –  $26

Pairing recommendation: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Cantina Zaccagnini, Italy ($10 per glass)

 Pan-Roasted Cod – spaghetti squash, bacon, Brussel sprouts, Meyer lemon, thyme   –  $34

Pairing recommendation: Pinot Gris, Mile Marker 71, Oregon  ($9 per glass)

Lobster, Scallops n’ Grits – butter-poached lobster, seared scallops, bourbon mushrooms, kale, saffron grits –  $40

Pairing recommendation: White Bordeaux, Entre Deux Mers, France, ($9 per glass)

Meadow View Farms Lamb Tagine – grilled merguez sausage, cauliflower cous cous   –   $34

Pairing recommendation: Farráh Syrah, Klinker Brick, CA ($11 per glass)


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries &  Beerenauslese dessert ice wine for two   –  $12

 Pumpkin Cognac Cheese Cake – caramel sauce, whipped cream  – $10

Spiced Apple Crisp with Henniker-made maple-walnut ice cream      –  $10

Italian Dessert Trio – Blood Orange Panna Cotta, chocolate dipped biscotti, espresso     – $12

Mini Dessert Trio  – Mexican chili-spiced chocolate pot de crème, passion fruit sorbet chocolate strawberry –  $12

Chocolate Cake with Layers of Sea-Salted Caramel – with a snowball of vanilla ice cream  – $10


Wine & Cheese Hour every Friday 5:30-6:30 p.m.

$25 per person; pouring 2 whites and 1 red

RSVPs are always appreciated




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Did you know….Chef Bruce Barnes won Good Morning America’s Polar Bear Chef Tasting Contest. That’s right, among all the chefs in NYC, polar bears preferred his food! In 2015, Bruce also had the pleasure to prepare a full luncheon for Prince William.