First in the Nation Celebrates 100 Years in New Hampshire



Yes folks its just about a month until the New Hampshire primary.  There are more politicians roaming around New Hampshire at this time of year than Moose (well, not really, but you get our point).

The New Hampshire primary is on February 9 and you can bet that the candidates will continue to be out in force.  They are found in coffee shops and diners, at town halls and even at the homes of large fundraisers.  They are everywhere, every day.


Their ads are non-stop on our televisions and our phones ring nightly with requests for automated surveys and live  questions that always include, “have you made a decision about who you are voting for in the primary.”  While all of this activity can be tiresome, the truth is New Hampshire and it’s 100 year history of being the First in the Nation is very important to both our state and the political process.



We’ve had the opportunity to attend events and meet every presidential hopeful since we moved here in 2000.  And….they start early–sometimes you see their buses with bold signage and you are clueless who they are since it’s often 18 months to two years before the primary.  This year we have a ‘bumper crop’, with both parties having multiple candidates because there is no incumbent.

We’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming campaign workers and the media to the Inn as they cover this historic event every election cyclerepublicans.  But…it is fraught with controversy when you have an inn full of opposing teams.  Our role is to stay neutral and ask, “Would you like more coffee?”  We’ve had plenty of experience with this and take time to talk with our team about not voicing their personal political opinions during this time frame.

No matter what your political persuasion is,  we feel lucky because the process here in New Hampshire (and also in Iowa) allows us the opportunity to learn about the candidates in small venues and often very early in their candidacy.

We appreciate the spotlight on New Hampshire whenever there is a presidential primary but in some ways it will be nice to return to the more idyllic lifestyle we lead here in the Granite State.  Remember to vote, whenever your primary is and for whoever you think will be the right leader for these times.Vote





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