New Year-Fresh Start!

new year fresh startYou’re probably like us; every year the calendar turns and we look to a fresh start for ourselves.  We start heading to the gym again, commit to losing a few pounds, try to carry on the kindness of the holiday season throughout the coming months and so many more resolutions that are sometimes hard to complete.

We started this year by thinking simple.  We aren’t taking on anything monumental, just trying to be more organized.  As we put away the huchristmasstuffndreds of decorations both at the inn and at home, we took more care in organizing them.  We discarded the broken bulbs at the bottom of the box and threw out the old used gift bags and smashed bows.

We sorted through linens that we nLinencloset - Copyo longer could use and took those to the Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Amazing how neat our linen closets and shelves look now.  We took to our home pantry and put a box together for the food bank of items we would never eat.  Organizing the spice rack, (5 racks of spices on the back of the pantry door!) we Spiceerackstacked them according to size and combined half containers to save space.  Wow.  That felt really good, like we’d accomplished something important.

We did the same with books, taking several boxes over to the ‘swap shop’ at the dump.  Books we’d read and would never read again, but we knew someone else would find joy in a great book found at a great price (free!).books

Not sure why organizing and sorting through things gives us such a feeling of satisfaction, but it does!  And while we didn’t make any outrageous resolutions that we’d probably have a hard time accomplishing, we thought about the more simple things of being more organized, giving away to others what we don’t need and feeling a sense of pride at an environment that feels less cluttered.  Mason and I wish you a Happy New Year and the best of luck with whatever your “Fresh Start” turns out to be!

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