Two Weeks till Christmas!

christmasYikes!  It’s just about two weeks to Christmas.  Have you done your holiday shopping yet?  We’ve decorated the Inn in all it’s finery, but the gifts…..well they are always a challenge.  On a tight budget ?  Here are a few gifts we love.

5 Cool Gifts that Won’t Break the Bank!

VanillaDIYFor the person who loves to bake.  How about putting together your own Vanilla with some nifty looking packaging?  Head over to Michael’s or one of the craft stores, grab a few of those small decorative bottles (with corks) for less than $2 each and a bit of ribbon or raffia to tie around the neck.  Here’s what you’ll need for the vanilla:  Vanilla Beans- use 3 to 5 per 8 oz of vodka.  Slice them lengthwise and cut as needed to fit into the bottles.  Now fill it up with 70 to 100 proof vodka (ok you can have a little vodka and OJ if you want while you’re making these).  Check out this Website for a tutorial.  Give it a good shake.  Usually it needs to infuse for about 4 to 8 weeks.  Hurry get started now–they’ll think of you every time they bake!


Everyone loves a special baked good from family or friends.  Prepare a batch of our favorite Sweet Potato Bread (or Muffins- call us we’ll send you the recipe!) or your special Banana Cranberry Brminiloafpanead.  Bake it in these little Little Ceramic Baking Dishes, or pick up some of the disposable ones (find them at your Dollar Store, the Christmas Tree Shop etc.) cool and wrap them in colorful plastic wrap and tie with ribbon and a festive tag.  Each one costs you less than $1 to make and will be appreciated by anyone who is lucky to receive some home-baked goodness.


How’s this for a cool gift?  Yep.  It looks like the outline of yostateslateur state and it comes in at under $20.  A State Slate Cheese Board.  We think it makes a great holiday gift for all those cheese and nibbles you’ll put out for your holiday celebrating.   Check it our here:  State Slate Cheese Board


Ok.  This is definitely not a do-it-yourself gift.  Check out these Produce Candles.  Do you love the smell of fresh melon, Kalproducecandlee and Cilantro?  These soy candles are packaged in Mason jars (of course we’re partial to anything  in a Mason jar!!).  You can burn these and pretend you’re at your local Farmer’s Market all winter long!



Tea Leaf Reading Kit.  We admit, this might not be fortealeafreadingkit everyone—but we guarantee you know someone who is fascinated by this ancient Chinese art.  Tea Leaf Reading Kit

And finally, whatever you choose to give as a gift, give it with Love.

Have a Happy and a Merry Holiday Season from all of us here at the Colby Hill Inn!

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