How much fun is it to plan a date night?  One that involves more than going to the movies or a bowling night.  Something fun and interesting that means you actually have to talk to each other!!  Make it interesting! Here’s some we’ve thought of that you might enjoy:

  1. Photo shoot….with or without fall foliage….find a selfie stick or old–school set the timer and have some fun walking around Couple overlooking Mt. Kearsargetaking fun photos of each other while the leaves are still colorful!
  2. Caramel Apples–  Grab a bag of apples (or better yet some you’ve picked yourself), push in those sticks and melt those little caramels for a yummy ‘caramelapplescarnival’ taste at home.  A fun date night for not a lot of money.
  3. Wine Tasting – Ask your local wine shop for 4 suggestions for a wine tasting you want to have (be sure to include some great bargains!).  Ask them to give you some ideas of pairings….some great snack items to pair with each. Invite a few friends over and blind taste them  for your favorite and add it to your list of wines for the next party or get together.
  4. Cook a Special Dinner Together– Something you’ve both always wanted to try to make…..Beef Wellington? Chocolate Fondue?  Creme Brulee?  Duck A’laOrange? Fresh Pasta?  Set the table like company was coming—make it special just for the two of you!cookingtogether
  5. Scary Movie Night-Turn down the lights, grab the scariest movie you can find, get the popcorn and snacks ready and prepare to be terrified!
  6. Bedroom Makeover- Time for a fresh coat of paint, a new duvet cover, some updated curtains, something cool and romantic?  Make it the special room you can’t wait to get tbedroommakeovero every night.
  7. Book Store Night – Head to your nearest bookstore (one that’s got a lot of variety and places to sit/have coffee etc.)  Plan to each find the perfect book and relax with a cup of coffee or cocoa with some great music in the background.adultcoloringbook
  8. Adult Coloring Books – Okay, we just heard you say “What?”  Yep.  Adult coloring books are the latest craze.  There are hundreds to choose from and many are quite intricate and beautiful.  Grab some great snacks and drinks and a couple of these books with the colored pencils and create something beautiful together.
  9. Spa Night- At home facials and masssidebar-room-2-2ages?  Light a few candles, check out some easy home remedies and relax the evening away.
  10. Camp Night- Got a big living/family room and a tent?  This is fun with the whole family.  Put up that tent, dim the lights, grab the flashlights, make some microwave s’mores, tell a few scary stories and pretend you’re at the summer campfire.  Kids love this one!
  11. BONUS DATE NIGHT – Come visit the Colby Hill Inn for a wonderful date night (or weekend)….fireplaces jacuzzis, great wine, spirits and craft beer list– inspired cuisine and romance await!


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