Take Back Your Vacation!

We were thinking about vacations and time away from work recently and came upon some interesting facts about vacation time.  It’s hard to believe but 429 million vacation days in America go unused according to the US Travel Association.  Kenneth Matos, Senior Director of research for the Families & Work Institute told attendees at a recent conference that the unused vacation epidemic is getting worse.  In 2008 workers used 81% of their vacation days while last year the numbers dropped to just 51%.  WOW!  What’s going on with that?Vacationbeach1

There’s even a national movement called Project Time Off.  It’s focus is on shifting the culture so time off isn’t considered frivolous but essential.  The website has some eye opening headlines, like “Are you Missing Memories?”….gee that kind of hits home! header-attractions This movement was really started within the travel industry, but it goes so much further than that.  Focusing on improving personal health, business investment and strengthening families. IMG_3905

There are all kinds of experts who now share with us that taking those days is critical to our health, our relationships and our work.  Dr. Leigh Vinocur offered his version of the Top Ten Reasons Vacations are good for you.


10.  Make you look good.  Stress ages you and can accelerate aging at a molecular level.

9.  Improve sleep.

8.  Make you more productive at work.  One insurance company reported a 200% increase in productivity when they offered unlimited vacation.

7.  Promote family bonding.

6.  Make you happier.  Just planning and anticipating a vacation makes people happier.

5.  Improve your sex life.

4.  Boost health.  Workers take fewer sick days after they take vacation.

3.  Make you smarter.  Chronic stress affects the part of your brain that controls memory and concentration.

2.  Prevent heart attacks.

1.  Relieve stress.

ColbyHillFrontof-InnGeraniumsSo we want to do our part to encourage you to take your vacation days.  1, 2, 3 or a whole week wherever you can and whenever you can—but take it!  There is family to visit, countries to explore, weekend getaways nearby or far away, hobbies to enjoy, foods to try and pictures to take….. and there is no time like the present.

All our best,

Cyndi and Mason Cobb-            Now Planning our next vacation!

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