Colby Hill Inn Hosts Murder Mystery in Henniker

Henniker’s Colby Hill Inn hosts weekend murder mystery event | Concord Monitor

 Jeeves the Butler, Jay DaSilva the South American Spice Dealer, The Cardinal, Sue Bromley or perhaps Shimmy Shade?  Who did it?  We had such an amazing weekend this week with our guests participating in “The Auction” a Murder Mystery led by New York actors, Jason Downs and Sophia Raab Downs.  We had a blast trying to figure out who the murderer was and twenty-six guests enjoyed the weekend filled with intrigue, fun, food and wine.  Henniker has never seen so much intrigue and mystery!  Props to our guests for their creative costumes!  Guests enjoyed walks through town, checking out the covered bridge and even visited the New Life Thrift Shop in town for last minute costume additions. They were very original and fun and this group totally embraced the game staying in character during the Saturday evening event. 

 Even Mason got into the act by tinting his hair black (albeit temporarily) and slicking it back to play South American Spice Dealer, Jay DaSilva.

Guests joined us from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island to get in on the mystery this past weekend.  At breakfast the next morning everyone asked us when we would do it again.  We and out staff had so much fun, we think November might be perfect time for another weekend of deception and intrigue!   Colby Hill Inn has hosted lots of special and unique events at the Inn but this one might have been the most interesting and fun!  Let us know if you are interested in the next one and we will keep you posted on details of our next Murder Mystery.   Check out the  the article written by the Concord Monitor here:  Henniker’s Colby Hill Inn hosts weekend murder mystery event | Concord Monitor

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