What’s in a Sign Anyway?

We recently had a new sign installed close to the main road that leads to the inn.  We discussed and debated what should it say, how should it look etc.  One wonders how much someone can absorb as they are driving by a sign at 30-50 mph.  The old sign said Colby Hill Inn-Lodging-Good Food.  Seemed straight forward enough….but was it enough?

New sign hand-made here in Henniker, New Hampshire

We all agreed (the sign maker and Mason and I) that it needed to replaced.  Both signs (the one by the road and the one at the entry) were there when we bought the inn 13 years ago and had started to show their age.  But….we still struggled over the verbiage.

sticking point was really the phrase “good food”.  Some suggested it
should say ” Fine Dining”, others recommended an assortment of phrases.
Some were too long and too ‘fussy’.  We wondered how people perceived
the phrase “good food” and so we asked if it was appropriate to our
restaurant.  It’s hard to believe but the Colby Hill Inn has been operating as an inn and a restaurant since 1959.  A lot of different styles of dining had emerged over the years.  Our dining guests had interesting reactions; they said we exceeded their expectations and that they were surprised that the sign only said “good food”!
We’ve worked with our share of chefs over the years and we are very pleased that Chef Devin Clark joined us last May.  Devin mirrors our thoughts about locally sourced food and utilizing New Hampshire produce and meats when possible.  He’s done a great job of building relationships with these farmers and then bringing those products to life in the kitchen.  He also is regularly at the farmer’s/community markets in the area talking about our restaurant, interacting with the growers and arranging for fresh product to serve our guests.

We think the phrase “fine dining” is probably a bit dormant these days and that in reality…..the phrase GOOD FOOD  is what we want to be focused on.  We want to provide the freshest, and locally produced food that is prepared with a contemporary flair. We hope you agree and that you continue to enjoy the food we are offering and that you too, will find the sign a bit tongue in cheek but one that exemplifies our philosophy here at the Colby Hill Inn of providing very good food!

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