Do You Love Hand Crafted Beer?

Do You Love Hand-Crafted Beer?

Henniker Brewing Company is just a few miles down the road from the Inn and they have really burst onto the scene of hand-crafted brewing in a big way! Started in 2011 this  Both Mason and Jesse have been to the tasting room and toured the brewery as well as many of our guests.  Of course, we are proudly serving the Henniker Brewing selection of beers here at the Colby Hill Inn.

We’re thrilled to have them producing beer here in Henniker (by the way, it’s the ONLY Henniker on Earth!).  Anyway, Henniker Brewing has four unique beer offerings.  Working Man’s Porter, Amber Apparition, Whipple Wheat and Hop Slinger.  Don’t you love those names?  The labels are even more interesting and a tip of the hat to the artist/designer who created the labels…very creative!   Check Out Working Man’s Porter details.  Sounds delicious to me and love the suggestion about food pairing.  We’ll highlight the other varieties in future blog posts.


Working Man’s Porter

an ale of true merit, brewed in
the tradition of England’s Industrial Revolution, an age of rough-handed
factory workers, a time before the weekend existed. Hearty and truly
robust, this Porter’s body is built with complex English brown and black
malts, and refined by Brambling Cross hops, which lend notes of herbs
and black currants. It pairs well with oysters, shepherd’s pie,
and sitting down after a long day.

Working Man’s Porter is just one of the unique brews being produced at the Henniker Brewery.  Check it out on your next visit to Henniker .  The Tap and Tasting Room is open Monday-Friday from 3 to 6 pm and on Saturday from noon to 2 pm with brewery tours at 1 pm.  Be sure to check it out and Happy Hand-crafted Beer tasting/drinking!


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