What To Do With A Windfall?

Imagine my surprise when Mason nearly skipped through the door today to show me what came in the mail!  As many small businesses we have utilized Google for marketing over the years.  We were delighted today to be the recipients of a “windfall” as part of a class action settlement from the Google Settlement Fund!

First, we didn’t even know about the class action suit or the settlement….so imagine our delight when the check came our way today!  Not only that, we have no idea what the class action suit was even about.  But somehow as part of the marketing we’ve done through Google we were eligible to receive this settlement…so we are happily accepting this windfall!

We only have until Dec. 26, 2012 to cash the check or it is no longer valid it says.  In addition, as we were concerned about the tax implications….it does recommend that we consult a tax professional as neither the attorneys nor the settlement administrator can provide us with any tax advice.  Thanks…we appreciate the honesty on the tax question.

So, we ask you dear readers of our blog, Facebook and Twitter, former guests, future guests and others  who follow our exciting inn world….what would you suggest we do with this windfall?    Should we invest in some new furnishings, flat screen tv’s for the guest rooms, more landscaping, additional marketing, a new piece of kitchen equipment?  We’d love to renovate the lobby of the inn and re arrange some of the doors to the kitchen or have a custom built wine rack for Mason’s wine collection.  What to do –what to do?  All of these ideas screamed through our minds as we opened the part of the check with the amount in it.

Oh….by the way did we mention the amount of the check????????   $1.90   Now that is really something to think about!  What to do with $1.90??  We look forward to your comments and feedback on how to spend this incredible windfall!

All the best from beautiful New Hampshire
Mason and Cyndi Cobb

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