Up, Up and Away!

Every year the nearby town of Hillsborough, New Hampshire hosts the Balloon Festival.  This was the view from the inn and the back of our house last evening!  It was so exciting to see the balloons as they were so close!

As they landed in the field behind our property Mason walked with Ava on his shoulders to see the balloon….I ran behind with my camera to snap a picture.  Before a moment passed I could hear the sound of another balloon also landing to the right of this one!

Ava ran toward the basket to say hi to the folks on their ride as they landed safely.  The operator of the balloon (pilot?) asked our precious 4 year old grandaughter if she liked “my balloon”…of course Ava was thrilled to be talking to them as well as seeing it land!

One of the greatest things about living in New Hampshire is the beauty of the countryside.  It truly is so tranquil and how exciting to view it from the air.

When I took this picture I realized the sun was behind the balloon and I was worried I wouldn’t get a very good picture.  Much to my surprise the sun shined through the balloon making it look like stained glass (as my friend from high school Janet commented).

Just another great afternoon in New Hampshire!
All the best
Cyndi and Mason





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