Romantic Celebrations…not just for Valentine’s Day!

Ok…So it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. Did you give or receive chocolates, flowers, sparkly jewelry, a special greeting card or a romantic dinner? It’s always a wonderful holiday but so much pressure for everyone! Thinking about this I’ve realized that we shouldn’t celebrate our romantic holidays with our someone special just once a year! Why not throughout the year in ‘smaller bites’ (no food pun intended!)?

As innkeepers we have observed thousands of celebrations here at the inn. People celebrating weddings, engagements, birthdays, their anniversary and of course Valentine’s Day….and many times couples wanting to reconnect with their love!

We take great care in helping to make those celebrations happen including placing diamond engagement rings under pillows in guest rooms, on their dessert plate or providing the perfect setting for reconnecting. We can live vicariously through them….and sometimes both of us get teary eyed at how happy these things have made our guests!

There’s a high school friend on Facebook who has found her ‘soul mate’ after many years. Her terms of endearment on Facebook every day fascinate me. She’s not a young, starry eyed girl…..she’s on the high side of 50 but she’s sharing her love for this man every day and telling us the little things she does for him…’s very inspiring!
So I think my Valentine’s Day going forward resolution is to show my someone special on a more regular basis (and not just once a year!) how important they are to me! A special dinner made at home, a romantic getaway (ok…come to the Colby Hill Inn and we’ll help make it perfect) a note of sweetness on the bathroom mirror or maybe just making his favorite apple pie!
Next Blog: I promise to share the exciting details of our upcoming Culinary Wine Cruise with you!

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