Mason 4 – Squirrels 0

It’s hard to believe that we are so close to our state capital (17 miles) and just 90 minutes North of Boston but we have many little ‘critters’ in our area. Most recently Mason has been trying to ‘thin the herd’ of squirrels on the inn property. He has a Have a Heart trap that he sets along with some delectable toast and peanut butter and then when caught, he transports them nearby about 5 miles away so they don’t return.

As of now he’s caught 4, but still looking for the last two or three that we see scurrying down the side of our house (for some reason they don’t climb the inn buildings, just our house and the barn…must be they get better traction on barn siding!).

One evening a few years ago Mason and I were at the front desk and he looked out the front window and saw a moose running down our street with a car slowly following behind! It was the first moose we saw in New Hampshire.

Of course nothing beats the lovely family of skunks who decided that the Colby Hill Inn property was the ideal residence for them! They took great joy in coming out at night during the dinner hour and eating the birdseed around in the garden. This, of course delighted our English guests who had never seen a skunk before. This was before we had a truck and Mason safely caught them one by one in the Have a Heart trap, covered the trap with a blanket, bungee corded it to the roof of the Subaru and drove them off to their new home many miles from the inn. That was quite a sight!

Who knew that becoming innkeepers would involve dealing with squirrels, skunks, moose and a favorite of ours are the covey of Ring Neck Pheasants that show up on the outer edges of our property in the fall.

We found some racoons who also loved our birdseed and somehow found their way into our laundry room where they dined on fire starters. Finally, Mason brought out a bigger Have a Heart trap and took care of them as well. 10 + years of innkeeping has brought us lots of four-legged friends!

We can’t forget to mention the beautiful birds on the property at the Colby Hill Inn. We write down all of the different varieties we or our guests see and so far we have seen over 50 different types enjoying our bird feeders right out the dining room windows.

Ah the joys of innkeeping. We look forward to Spring time here at the inn….soon we will be seeing (and smelling) the lush Lilacs on the property and the Forsythia. Hope you’ll visit us soon….we promise- no critters! – Have a Happy Spring- Cyndi and Mason Cobb

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